Welcome to the Lower Keys


Welcome to the Lower Keys–where you are closer to Cuba than to a Walmart!

(90 miles vs. 130 miles in case you were wondering)


We are so lucky to have a home and family in this small corner of paradise and are thrilled to be able to share this with you. We created this (admittedly extensive) guide to help our family and friends plan their perfect and personalized vacation. Whether you’re looking to party, chill or somewhere in between, these are some tried and tested recommendations. While there is tons to do, some pre-planning will save money and hassle.


To help you get a full visual and plan appropriately, we've linked to some websites and videos that were not created by us - but give a great overview of a specific spot or adventure and are meant for informational purposes only.


We are clearly not website designers, but please use the dropdown menus at the top to access more information when planning your trip.