The end of our canal as it empties into the bay

House guide - outside gear



  • We have a small above ground salt water plunge pool (max 4 ft deep) you are welcome to use at your own risk. There are some floats and toys in the patio cabinet nearest the pool. 


  • We live on a deepwater “through” canal that traverses the island, which means that we have a continuous current of water that rises and falls with the tide and keeps the canal clear and clean. This makes it ideal for swimming and cooling off, though keep an eye out for boats (though it's a no wake zone)! We are less than a 5 minute paddle to the open water on a kayak or SUP. Our bay is well protected from seaweed and significant currents by the barrier islands. Keep an eye on the weather if you head out and know it can change quickly, so keep that and your personal ability in mind, and be aware that you may be returning against the wind which means an easy paddle out is a workout to get back! Please be aware that due to state law you should  have a PFD and sound producing device such as a whistle on board with you while on a SUP or kayak. (full laws here), though again this is up to your discretion.
  • There is some submerged concrete from an old boat launch along the middle of our seawall, so if you are jumping in the water, jump along the left-most aspect of the seawall where the ladder is located. This is pretty obvious and easy to see. There is an upside down ladder along the left aspect of the seawall to get in/out. We will upgrade this someday  :)
  • There are some small barracudas that call our canal home, and you may rarely see some small sharks or stingrays. Are they safe to swim around? Short answer is yes, and we swim in the canal all the time. Though since they technically do have sharp things growing out of them if we see any of these critters while swimming or floating we limit splashing and give them a wide berth or just get out of the water for a little while. They are pretty used to human presence and tend to be mildly curious but easily bored by us and move on quickly. 
  • There are small Cassiopeia (“upside down”) jellyfish that are ubiquitous in the canal and in the bay, depending on the season. They do not sting in a way that most people fear from jellyfish, but when disturbed can secrete a mucus that can be mildly irritating, especially for people with sensitive skin. Be aware when getting in/out of the canal and kayaking/SUPing out in the bay just off our island that they are around, and as long as you avoid stepping on them or splashing a great deal you shouldn’t be bothered by them. Wearing water shoes are a good idea for added protection in case you forget and step down, and if you find you're bothered a spot of Benadryl or aloe cream should do the trick



  • We have lovely neighbors on both sides, who are all full time residents of Key West
  • Please be respectful of the space and noise in the late evening
  • Patrick and Lucia (pronounced like St. Lucia) and their two young kids (Kristina 10 and Marek 6) and dogs live in the house to the right as you look at the canal with the advanced vegetation in the lawn. The dogs like to bark but are friendly!
  • Brian and Rebecca are in the other turquoise house 


Equipment to use - stored outside (ground floor)

  • propane grill
  • BOTE devices - (yes, we know that our house looks like a commercial for BOTE)
    • There are several pumps specific for these located in the pantry off the kitchen
  • Kayak
    • Can be used as a SUP as well if you remove the seat
    • Fits two people if you squeeze
  • Paddleboard
  • AeroChairs (can also be used for extra seating inside or out) 
  • Hang-out
  • Hang-out floating Adirondack chairs (awesome for chilling in the pool)
  • Variety of floats (inflatable & foam) for the canal or pool 
  • Snorkeling gear x 5 - adult x 2, kids x 3 -- lots to see in the canal, especially near boats and docks
  • Fish food
    • Large blue bin of fish food (plus scoop) can be found in one of the two storage boxes
    • David recommends throwing in a bunch of food when kids are swimming to create a fun feeding frenzy 

There is a hose in the driveway area if you need to hose anything off. 


Equipment to use - stored inside (either pantry or kids room closet) or in the storage boxes or shed outside

  • Set of right handed golf clubs x 1
  • Tennis racquets & balls
  • Pickleball racquets & balls
  • Basketball ball 
  • Soccer ball (plus pump)
  • Frisbee
  • If you find it, you can use it


Bikes (located in the shed)