Saddlebunch Key(s)

We are located on Saddlebunch Key, the last land mass still considered Key West by zip code. Close enough to get to all the action in KW, but far enough away to avoid crowds and the craziness of Duval. You will probably want to rent a car while you are here, but Uber and Lyft is easy to book. 


Locating our key

  • Most locals know our key as “Baypoint”, or where Baby’s Coffee is located
  • Located just before Mile Marker 15 (driving from Key West), or just after Mile Marker 15 (driving from the north)
  • Every mile on Route One has a green mile marker


Multiple small keys that make up the collective Saddlebunch Keys

  • Only two of the five keys are inhabited
  • The other inhabited key is primarily taken by a “luxury” RV park - Bluewater - visible from our key when you go kayaking


Baby’s Coffee

  • Website
  • Hours - 6.30am-4pm seven days a week
  • Excellent open bagel breakfast sandwiches are available daily. Very popular with locals, first responders and bicyclists so you can encounter a line. Highly recommend a stop here for breakfast on your way out on the boat.
  • Also sell Kermit's Key Lime Pie (so you don't have to go all the way into town to get the best key lime), steaks, ice cream and other limited grocery items. Check here before running in for a grocery run.


Baypoint Market

  • Website
  • Hours - Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun CLOSED
  • Primarily serving delicious pizza and sandwiches - also have drinks and ice cream to take home
  • Online ordering


Amenities - Baypoint Park

  • Website
  • Playground
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Beach volleyball


Walking/Running on our key - up to 5 milers 

  • If you walk/run all of the side streets on our key you can cover approximately five miles
    • Very interesting vacation home spying/hunting along the entire route
  • Points of reference
    • Exactly half a mile from our house to Baby’s Coffee
    • Exactly one mile Baby’s Coffee to the very end of Bay Drive (the longest road on the key)



Whenever you are outside sitting, walking, running, paddling or swimming you will quickly bump into some of our non-human neighbors

  • Out of the water
    • Key West Chickens & Roosters
    • Cats - mostly tame, and most have a home somewhere on the key
    • Lizards - various types
    • Iguanas - Normally located sunbathing, or perched high in trees,  you might also see them swimming. Harmless.
    • Birdlife - there is currently a green heron roosting in the mangrove opposite and just down the canal toward the ocean. 
  • In the water - canal
    • Parrotfish
    • White Grunt
    • Banded Rudderfish
    • Barracuda 
    • Small sharks 
    • Atlantic stingrays 
  • In the water - out in the bay
    • Dolphins
    • Manatees (have also been seen in the canal)